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Systematic & Creative Thinking (Pure & Simple)

Systematic &
Creative Thinking
(Pure & Simple)

Systematic & Creative Thinking (Pure & Simple)

Systematic & Creative Thinking Beyond Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Skills

DPI’s Systematic & Creative Thinking framework helps your people develop important skills that are necessary in effectively managing everyday situationsat work.

The program provides a set of systematic processes, complete withtools, templates and creative approach. The systematic processes and tools enables individuals to rapidly and objectively channel and evaluate relevant information, in order to initiate decisive actions that resolve problems and challenges that arise.

What you will learn

Systematic & Creative Thinking is an essential skill that dramatically enhances an individual’s ability to deliver sustainable and measurable performance improvement.

Key Learnings

  • Remove blocks to creativity.
  • How to generate new ideas creatively.
  • Assess new ideas logically.
  • Implement new ideas successfully.

Key Learnings

  • Identify decision-making objectives.
  • Formulate selection criteria.
  • Screen and compare alternatives.
  • Evaluate decision risks.
  • Make the best-balanced choice.

Key Learnings

  • Identify steps that are critical in ensuring success.
  • Identify high risks areas.
  • Formulate preventive actions.
  • Formulate contingent actions.
  • How to modify plans.

Key Learnings

  • Identify when there is a problem.
  • Describe clearly what the problem is.
  • Analyze available information to detect similarities or differences.
  • Test possible causes to identify root cause.
  • Recommend appropriate action to address root cause.
  • Improve their discipline in problem solving and analysis.

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  • Sep 28-29, 2023

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